Comprehensive support in machining engineering.


Development Engineering


Unique projects

Development of projects tailored to the client's production needs which go beyond  the limits of customisation offered by IBARMIA's standard programme.


Turnkey projects

Development of comprehensive solutions: definition and simulation of production flows and times, specification of automation processes using own and/or third party equipment, studies of tools and fixtures, control systems, etc.


Machining cycles

Developments of new cycles that can be used on IBARMIA machines throughout their life cycle, including MULTIPROCESS machining technology (turning and milling).


Design and manufacture of fixtures

Complete development of clamping solutions, seeking to optimize manufacturing and assembly times.


Consulting and Support Engineering


Production feasibility studies

Global analysis of the facility according to the client's production requirements: Manufacturing engineering (definition and simulation of machining processes), study of the technical requirements of the facility and definition of advanced specifications (automation, connectivity...).


Machining tests

Performance of machining tests for the different stages of the business relationship IBARMIA-customer: feasibility tests prior to the purchase of a machine and machining tests during the pre-acceptance stage of the new machine...


Technical support during commissioning

We support the customer until the IBARMIA machine is fully operational with procedures such as production assistance in the start-up stage, analysis of performance obtained during this stage and training of personnel in the operation of the new equipment.

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