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Hotline service

In case of technical problems or any kind of incident, please contact our service staff at your disposal, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m

T +34 943 857 130 - 000

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Advanced support


Online monitoring and diagnosis

Thanks to our SMART POINT cloud monitoring system, we have real-time information about the status of your machine, and we are able to make an intelligent diagnosis of the critical components.

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Management of monitored data

SMART POINT allows us to record and process the data collected on your machine, thus generating valuable information about optimal use, the life cycle of the parts or the manufacturing process itself. 


Technical assistance


Periodic preventive maintenance

Service Point personnel periodically check and tune the machine,
ensuring optimum availability.


Re-calibration of machines

The accumulation of service hours and another series of factors can affect the setting of the machines. At Servicepoint we offer the possibility of recalibration, to re-establish the original conditions of the machine on delivery.


Spare parts management

We are fully aware that it is of extreme importance that the performance level of the replacement parts throughout the life cycle of the machine  is similar to the original parts. Our spare parts management service guarantees this.


Rental of critical components

Our machines incorporate a high level of technology, and as such there is a number of critical high-value components, that, at times, may take some time to deliver. True to our commitment to reduce machine downtime as much as possible, we keep a stock of these components for rental.

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