High Productivity Solutions for Heavy Parts UP TO ø3000 AND 20 t.

The T SERIES program by IBARMIA delivers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to maximize the productivity of heavy workpieces. This is achieved through high load capacity rotary tables and powerful spindles, making it ideal for demanding industrial applications.

THR 30 Model: Advanced 5-Axis Multitasking Machine

The THR 30 model exemplifies cutting-edge manufacturing technology, designed to meet the most advanced manufacturing requirements. This 5-axis machine offers a complete turning and milling solution for parts up to 3000 mm in diameter, 1950 mm in height, and 20,000 kg in weight—all in a single setup. This significantly reduces manufacturing time and minimizes errors.

Key features of the THR 30 include a powerful Turning-Milling Rotary Table that is Capable of speeds up to 200 rpm, ensuring efficient and precise machining; an A-Axis Fork Type Continuous Tilting Head that allows for negative angle machining, enhancing versatility; and a High Torque HSK-A 100 Electrospindle designed to handle the toughest materials with ease.

The THR 30 also boasts a spacious and enclosed working area, providing easy access for part loading, unloading, and preparation. This thoughtful design ensures it meets all modern manufacturing requirements.

In summary, the THR 30 delivers high dynamics and accuracy, making it perfect for the most demanding jobs in the toughest industries. Experience the future of manufacturing with IBARMIA's T SERIES.