IBARMIA Leads the Charge in Aerospace Innovation with the DIGIMAP Project

IBARMIA is setting new standards in the aerospace industry with its pioneering DIGIMAP project, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at reshaping how large aeronautical components are manufactured.

Sponsored by the CDTI under the "Programa Tecnológico Aeronáutico," the project harnesses the potential of Ultra Near Net Shape (UNNS) technologies to produce zero-defect parts while drastically minimizing environmental impacts.

The DIGIMAP project, which will run until the end of 2025, is led by INMAPA Aeronáutica and includes key partnerships with ELLIOT Cloud, SEVILLA Control, OPEN MIND Technologies, and TECNALIA. This collaborative effort seeks to integrate digital tools and intelligent machine concepts that refine manufacturing processes, reducing both material waste and energy consumption. By achieving geometries close to the final product form through UNNS, the need for extensive machining is substantially decreased. This not only conserves resources but also enhances design flexibility, accelerates market readiness, and cuts production costs.

As the aerospace sector continues to face demands for sustainable and efficient manufacturing solutions, IBARMIA's role in the DIGIMAP project positions the company at the forefront of industry innovation. Stay tuned as IBARMIA leads the way toward a more sustainable future in aerospace manufacturing.

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