The New Generation of T12 and T16 models has been conceived with the aim of tackling the markets by providing an upgraded solution for today’s most demanding applications and processes.

The range of the T-Series consists of 5-axis universal machining centres with turning diameters up to ø3600, diverse automatic pallet changer solutions and multiple customization options. This range of machines allows large part turning or processing in a single setup. Additionally, high productivity and precision are guaranteed by the multifunction technology and diverse machine automation options.

All Ibarmia T Series models can be conceived as T Multiprocess or T Extreme versions. Additionally, the series can be configured with Universal B axis heads with a rotation plane at 45º (THC Headstock) or an A axis forkhead for negative angle machining (THR Headstock).

The T12 and T16 machine models stand out for their high load capacity and their high adaptability to special requirements. In this New Release, pushed by markets/processes demands, the machine dynamics have been increased and several features have been upgraded, designing a machine that is Ready For Reality. With this new generation of T12 and T16 models, IBARMIA will position alongside the giants of the machine tool industry providing a product of high technological value, top performance and competitive price.

The dynamic upgrade of the linear X-Y-Z feed axes is based on a complete redesign of the kinematic chain with the aim of achieving feed speeds of up to 60 m/min on the T12 model and 50 m/min on the T16 model. Through the use of more powerful motors in a direct drive transmission, the accelerations are increased up to 4, 5, 5 m/s2 on the X-Y-Z axes accordingly. This dynamic enhancement also includes additional cooling measures on the standard machine equipment, while the optional thermal package further improves the machine’s performance and precision requirements. 

The second main improvement focuses on the machine rotary table. In this New Release, in order to provide more dynamics without losing the load capacity, the Extreme and Multiprocess machine models include Direct Drive Technology rotary tables based on the 800x800 and 1000x1000 standard tables. For the T12 model, the rated speed has been increased to 20 rpm with a load of 4 tons and 35 rpm with a load of 2 tons. The maximum speed can be up to 50 rpm on the T12 model and 40 rpm on the T16 model. 

In addition to the improved dynamic performance, the torque motor technology offers several advantages compared to the mechanical transmissions. In particular, the zero-torque backlash during clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, the zero wear to the transmission and the lack of damage in case of collision can be considered as important benefits.

Furthermore, the tool maximum length has been increased from 450 mm to 600 mm, and the tool change process has been optimized to minimize the dwell times. 
Moreover, further improvements have been incorporated to the globoidal change cam box and the tool change door opening-closing system has been redesigned. These actions result in a chip-to-chip tool change time of 7 seconds for the T12 model and 8 seconds for T16 model.

To maximize the working volume, on the T12 model the maximum turning diameter has been increased up to 1250 mm, the maximum workpiece height has been extended to 1600 mm and the Y-axis travel has been enlarged till 1300 mm in the standard version. However, on the T16 model, the maximum workpiece height is increased to 1700 mm and the Y-axis travel is enlarged to 1600 mm. In addition, the positioning accuracy performance has been improved resulting in a 6 µm positioning error with a repeatability of 5 µm under controlled thermal conditions.

In short, IBARMIA’S T12 and T16 models have been renewed and further upgraded being adapted to the current processing tendencies and the new market demands. Coupled with the Rotopallet solution and the upgrades of the New Release the new generation of T12 and T16 machines are standing as a strong machine tool alternative in terms of performance, technology and quality.



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