Our aim is to accompany our customers over the entire life-cycle of the machine, ensuring maximum performance and productivity

Proximity to the customer, maintaining a close and direct relationship is vital for knowing what they really need in their day-to-day work. Good support for repairs and incidents is vital but IBARMIA service goes further and seeks to be near the customer so it can understand their real needs, and can offer realistic solutions that improve the performance of its IBARMIA machine and consequently its production processes. 
Below we present some services that we have reinvented in order to adapt to the current changing environment, keeping as close to our customers as we always have:

We have incorporated technology based on augmented reality into our support service, by means of a collaborative tool designed for providing remote technical support in real-time for the diagnostic and resolution of incidents. This improves the quality of the technical support, both of our own technicians at the plant and remote assistance offered to our customers and distributors. In this area, we have started to work with the Innovae tool, which allows technicians in the field, and even customers, to be connected with experts in real-time, anytime and from anywhere, by means of an advanced remote assistance tool based on augmented reality. This tool allows us to reduce times for diagnostic and incident resolution as well as production downtimes easily and effectively, thus avoiding experts having to travel. The Remote Technical Assistant (RTA) from Innovae is specifically designed so that the technician in the field can receive remote assistance support - visual instructions and technical support - in real-time to increase the efficiency of technical interventions and remote industrial maintenance tasks. An on-site intervention may require the involvement of different technical profiles. That is why RTA improves communication between the service centre and the entire technical team and immediately provides information to operators during the intervention, thus providing a better service. This avoids unnecessary journeys, improves the performance of the technicians on site and reduces the time of the interventions. When distance is a factor in training, the tool is also used for training customers, technicians and distributor teams. Furthermore, the tool is compatible with any device (mobile, tablet, PC, smart glasses), and does not require the prior installation of an application. This means that the customer can start to use this service without the need for prior investment.

Trained operators perform better and help to increase productivity, which means minimised downtimes and optimised operations. For this, the IBARMIA ACADEMY training programme is focused on the specific needs of each customer. The training content is adapted to each case. Within our IBARMIA ACADEMY programme, we offer theoretical and practical training, which, based on needs in each case, is given in the customer's plant, at the IBARMIA facilities or online, both by means of virtual desktops, which allow simulators to be shared, and with RTA tools. The content of our standard training programme is focused on the use and maintenance of the machine, as well as on its different applications with very specific content focused on the process. It is a known fact that customers who provide their operators with the knowledge and skills in use of the machine achieve maximum performance from their centres. Effective use of the capabilities minimises unplanned downtime, and allows the potential that our machines offer and the different options installed on them to be fully exploited. 


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