The event was held during November 3-6, with a reunion feel and format for the entire IBARMIA Community after almost two years of social drought.

It seemed that never would arrive the date, but it came and passed like a lightning in a summer storm. We are all aware that we have very little time to savor the experiences we live, these are the evils of the so-called liquid society. Let's go against the tide, stopping time for a while, to sum-up what our OPENTUNITY, the open house event that we organized between the 3rd and 6th of this month of November, was all about.

We really suffered... indeed did! But we also enjoyed shaping this idea that was in our minds since some time ago: an open house event designed to show the IBARMIA Essence to all those people interested in knowing it. The moment seemed to be the right one, now that the waters seem to turn its way, after almost two years in which interpersonal relations have been practically impossible. We were eager to be with our people, to talk and share, to show... At IBARMIA we have always been very much into exhibitions, and that is why, given the uncertainty that hung over this year's EMO in Milan, we decided to bring the exhibition home and bet on this format.

We live from our sales, as every known business does, but we don't think it's pretentious to say that the objective of the event has gone much further. In our beloved machine tool sector, transactions are based on mutual trust; if you want to understand your customers' needs, you need time to listen to them. This dialogue is not possible without the alignment of all the pieces that are part of the "gear of life" of a project like ours: all the stakeholders that make it possible, from the end customer, through our distribution and supply networks, the society to which it belongs, to its employees and the families it supports. And this is what our OPENTUNITY was all about, which we could well define as an effort to harmonize all the parts of a whole called IBARMIA Community.

Thus, we divided the event into three days:

The first, on November 3, called Dealer Meeting, consisted of a training meeting with our entire sales network. Held at the Hotel Barceló Costa Vasca, its objective was to share all the aspects involved in the sales process of an IBARMIA product; knowledge, process... and people, because it was the first time that we managed to gather all our dealers, and the experience could not have been more positive. We hope and wish that it will lay the foundations for a new two-way IBARMIA-DISTRIBUTION relationship.

November 4 and 5 were the days corresponding to the Open Days. We call ourselves "Your machine-tool point", and the fact is that this is a house that needs to be open. The involvement of our customers helps us adapt to their needs, hence it was fully satisfactory to give material form to what has always been our statement of intent. Many of them had the opportunity to get to know our most advanced products, as well as our facilities, where we had the presence of the technological stands of our suppliers FANUC, PIXEL, RENISHAWTECNALIA, FRESMAKCFAA and IRTS to whom we would like to sincerely thank for their participation. The official ceremony of the event took place during the evening of the 4th, with the participation of international institutions, technological and strategic suppliers, dealers and, a selection of distinguished customers whose important role in helping us thought this journey had the deserved recognition. Specifically, LAULAGUN BEARINGS, GRI-FORJAS IRATEA and SÁNCHEZ GUERRA (Spain), MICHELIN and HALGAND (France), VANDERSCHEUREN (Belgium), SCHENK & SCHMID (Germany) and TECNOMECCANICA (Italy). 
At the same time that the second open day took place in our factory in Azkoitia, on the 5th of November, a delegation of IBARMIA accompanied our guests to enjoy a delicious touristic morning in Gipuzkoa. It is good to be grateful, and whenever we can, we sell country. That's all we need. 
Last but not least, on the 6th, the Family Day took place, an absolutely relaxed day in which IBARMIA employees' relatives and friends also had an open house, as the fundamental part of the IBARMIA Community that they are. It was a morning to socialize and get to know each other better, finally putting faces to many of the people we knew a lot about, but in many cases did not really know.


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